Blister Packaging Machines

UK and Ireland Supplier of Tommy Nielsen Machines

Blister Packing Machines

UK and Ireland Supplier of Tommy Nielsen Machines

Tommy Nielsen Blister Packaging Machines

Tommy Nielsen manufacture semi and fully automatic blister packing machines and tools for all packaging purposes.
The machines are available as standard models or adapted to the customer’s requirements, or can be custom-designed for special applications. Tommy Nielsen has many years of experience within this line of business and supplies products to customers all over the world.

Tommy Nielsen`s R&D department is constantly working on the development of machines and packaging tools and the testing of new materials. The company maintains a close watch on developments within the field of blister packaging and is therefore always able to provide its customers with efficient and sound advice. In addition to the machine and tool production departments, Tommy Nielsen has a separate department for the supply of foil.

Aluminium Blister

Aluminium Blister

Push Through Packaging

Push Through Packaging

Medical Device with Peelable Lids

Medical Device with Peelable Lids

Plastic with Carton Back

Plastic with Carton Back

Plastic with Plastic Back

Plastic with Plastic Back

Inlay Trays

Inlay Trays

High Volume Blister Packaging Production Machines

Blisters and lidding material are formed and sealed from roll material and punched free.

Pharmaline 220
Sealing area: W220 x L150 mm
Sealing area: W220 x L300 mm

Mini Pharma 150
Sealing area: W150 x L100 mm
Sealing area W150 x L 200 mm

Custom machines
The bespoke machines are manufactured to customer specification.

The blisters are formed from roll stock material and placed in pallets. Lidding material is
pre-cut to size.

Uniline 400
Sealing Plate 200×400 mm

Uniline 600
Sealing Plate 200×600 mm

Other sizes on request

Universal Blister Packaging Machine

Standard Version

The basic version of the different types and sizes of the Universal machines are designed to perform a wide variety of tasks in a modern production environment.

The Universal Blister Packaging Machines are renowned for their durability and engineering quality. Depending on the model of choice, the Universal can handle packaging sizes up to 1.500mm. The production capacity ranges from a few test packages to more than 1 million packages.
Suitable for production as well as R&D.

Alu Blister Packaging Machine

The Alu250 semi-automatic blister packaging machine for the production of alu-blisters.

The blisters are cold formed from pre-cut alu foil, and afterwards sealed using FX the Universal Sealer.

Alu 250 is suitable for production, trials and development.

Roller Cutter

The Roller Cutter is suitable for the punching and perforation of blisters. It will easily perforate and cut a wide variety of materials, ranging from carton and alu foil to PET materials.

Roller Cutter 420, max. width 420 mm.
Roller Cutter 650, max width 650 mm.

Suitable for blisters, packagings and different materials.

Universal Blister Packaging Machine

Used for forming and sealing in the same cycle.

For all kinds of products.
Custom design for medical packaging.
Forms blister from pre-cut foil.
Choice of forming & sealing in one operation or form/seal only.
Models are available with additional heater plate for materials requiring different forming and sealing temperatures.

Benefits of Universal Blister Packaging Machines

  • The blisters are produced at the same time they are required

  • One inexpensive tool set for both forming and sealing

  • Same production capacity as with preformed blisters

  • Blisters made from plain foil reduce costs compared to preformed blisters

  • Less storage costs

The Rotaseal is suitable for the sealing of lids onto cups and trays and backing materials for blisters. This machine can be custom designed for a variety of tasks such as automatic loading, placement and removal of finished products.

Rotaseal can be delivered with different numbers of stations, e.g. 4, 5, 6 or more.

Turntable sizes:
Rotaseal 980: 980 mm
Rotaseal 1180: 1180 mm

A range of Universal blister packaging machines is designed specifically for medical packaging. The special range is manufactured from stainless steel and uses calibrated components.


The Lab Sealer is designed for use on a Laminar Air Flow bench – requiring only little space.  This equipment has a separate control box located outside of the LAF bench.