Used Vacuum Forming Machinery

Having identified the need for good quality used Vacuum Forming Machinery in the Thermoforming and Trimming Industry, we took the step to offer refurbished equipment.

Our portfolio changes regularly and covers a range of equipment suitable for all budgets. All machines are fully evaluated, serviced and refurbished and in some cases this can comprise of a complete overhaul including repainting.  We only offer equipment from our own portfolio as this guarantees that we are able to fulfil any warranty obligations along with being able to maintain the equipment in the future.

Current Used Machines

In line with offering pre-owned equipment we also offer a refurbishment service for customers existing equipment. In cases where it is not viable to replace an older used vacuum forming machine, refurbishment can be arranged to suit the customers budget and can include:

  • Top and Bottom Heater Rewire
  • Cylinder Resealing
  • Machine Rehosing
  • Table and Clamp Frame
  • Synchronisation Replacement
  • Upgrade of Light Barriers
  • Pyrometer and Sheet Sag
  • Equipment
  • PLC controller upgrade – to replace obsolete Microprocessors and prolong the life of your existing equipment where capital expenditure for new equipment is not available or viable

Sell Your Machine

If you are looking to sell your vacuum forming machine, we can help you to get in touch with a buyer. Our customer base consists of hundreds of businesses across the UK and we receive enquiries about used machine supply on regular basis.

We can find a right buyer for:

  • Geiss T10 Machines
  • Geiss Ts1 Machines
  • Geiss CNC Machines
  • Custom Geiss Machines
  • Machine Spare Parts

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Upgrades are carried out with the used vacuum forming machine in situ to minimise downtime and for full refurbishments the equipment is relocated to our premises in Telford for convenience.

For any enquiries on used equipment or refurbishment work, please contact us on, the office on 01952 400050 or alternatively, feel free to speak directly to one of our Directors.

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Additional options available for all of our refurbished machines are as follows:

Option # Description
1 Additional sheet sag unit
2 Photocell for pre-blow height
3.1 Heating pyrometer
3.2 Cooling pyrometer
3.3 Bottom heater pyrometer
8.1 Additional cooling fan
10.1 Window plate
10.2 Additional window plate
11.1 Table, drilled and tapped, M10 50mm pitch
11.2 Fast tool clamp for table 600 or 1000 centres
12 Table mid-position for insertion help
13 Preparation for mould tool temp control
20 Modem
25 Pre-blow servo valve
25.1 Release servo valve
25.2 Sheet sag servo valve
30 Vacuum servo valve with vacuum by-pass
50 Small spares package
50.1 Large spares package